Chewing, Scratching, Licking – Oh My!

It’s allergy season – and we’re not the only ones who suffer.

Did you know that Middle Tennessee is in the Top 30 allergy capitals in the country?

That means when we suffer, so do our pets. While our signs might be watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and runny noses, dogs and cats will exhibit allergies by scratching their armpits and ears, or chew/lick their feet or near their rear end. It’s a sign they are as uncomfortable as we can be.

Allergies may be caused by fleas, but Pollens, mites, molds are also contributors. But contrary to what you may have heard, not all cases are food related. Despite the aggressive marketing of pet foods to be “grain free”, the majority of allergies are NOT from food and those that are from food are not from grains.

Left untreated, allergies often cause the dog to do self-trauma to the skin allowing for secondary yeast or bacterial infections. These secondary infections also contribute to the itching and so the problem persists.

As with human medicine, allergy treatments for pets have evolved to include many effective products that don’t have the unpleasant side effects of “old school” steroids or the lack of efficacy from antihistamines.

Don’t ignore any signs that you think might be allergy related. Schedule your pet to be evaluated at Animal Ark so they can enjoy the season allergy free.

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Schedule your pet to be evaluated at Animal Ark so they can enjoy the season allergy free.

Save 10% on allergy medicines at Animal Ark.

NOTE: If your pet is new to our animal hospital, we WILL REQUIRE a physical examination of your pet.

No More Allergies!

“My story begins in 2015 when my mother moved to assisted living apartment with her beloved pet Hero . I became sole caregiver of my mother and Hero . Hero constantly developed terrible ear infections and skin problems . His coat would develop flaky skin and then hair loss. The first vet tested for cushings and thyroid and both came back negative . After thousands of dollars and no results , I decided to try 2nd vet. Results were the same … a lot of money and no results. To make matters worse , the medicine they prescribed were pill form… which was impossible to administer. Shelties are too smart for their own good . I became despaired and desperate , my groomer suggested I try Dr. Paula and Animal Ark. Upon the first visit in 2016 , she did an immediate assessment and suggested Cytopoint. The results have been remarkable. His skin and coat returned to normal healthy condition and no ear infections. But what was even more amazing was I did not have to attempt to administer pills. She determined that his problems are allergy related and upon the first signs of skin irritation she administers shot. I am so thankful for Dr.Paula and Cytopoint and Hero is in optimal health at the ripe age of 11 years.”

-Steve M, Pet Owner, Franklin TN