Frightened Fido?

The sounds of summer may not all be sweet.

It’s that time of year when pet anxiety can become a huge issue for pets and their families.

With the common summer thunderstorms experienced in Middle Tennessee as well as the upcoming Fourth of July fireworks, pets can really become panicked when experiencing noises they are not accustomed to hearing.

Pet anxiety can lead to misbehavior, accidents, aggression, destruction of items in the home, and even running away and getting lost or injured. If you find that your pet becomes anxious or scared in loud situations, we recommend a medicine to help calm your pet during these difficult times.


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Sileo® helps to calm your dog during times of noisy and fearful events. It is easy to use! Simply apply the thick gel between your dog’s cheek and gums where it will be quickly absorbed. It can be used effectively at the first signs of noise phobias compared to trying to medicate based on weather predictions that may not be accurate.

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