Forgetting the monthly heartworm tablet?

Try Proheart—it last 6 months!

Sometimes, the month-to-month heartworm treatment can be a chore, and let’s admit it—sometimes we simply forget.

Animal Ark is happy to introduce an alternative to the monthly treatment—Proheart.

Proheart is an injectable product given under the skin of healthy dogs and will provide 6 continuous months of heartworm protection for your dog. It’s easily done by a veterinarian in the hospital in a matter of minutes.

While we encourage using monthly products for broader spectrum of parasite protection, heartworm protection and prevention is of paramount importance. For those who struggle with remembering to give their dog’s oral monthly heartworm prevention, Proheart might be a perfect alternative.

So, if you forget the monthly tablets…well, forget the monthly tablets and contact us about a Proheart. We’ll make sure your dog is healthy and that we can keep him happy and heartworm free.



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