A summer “stay-cation” with your pet.

At-home tips for a pet-safe summer in the sun.

So your idea of summer is a nice “stay-cation” at home with the family — and of course your pets.

Sounds ideal to us! Here are a few things to remember about your pet and heat strokes.

The heat is on.

The sun is out and it can get hot quickly. With warm months ahead, it is very easy for your pet to suffer from heat stroke. Avoid prolonged outdoor activities in high temperatures/humidity. Heat stroke symptoms sneak up on owners and it may be too late by the time you realize the problem.


Watch for warning signs.

While dogs have a small amount of sweat glands (which are prominently in the paw pads), their primary source of heat exchange (getting rid of heat) is by panting. That means your pet may not look hot, like humans do when we sweat. If a dog is panting excessively and cannot cool off to a normal breathing pattern within 10-15 minutes, he may be experiencing heat stroke. Apply cool water immediately to the entire body of the dog. DO NOT USE A GARDEN HOSE UNTIL THE WATER RUNS COOL — dogs have been scalded from the hot water within the hose!


We’re here to help.

If you have any doubt your pet has sustained heat stroke, seek help immediately. Some changes are internal and may not be readily recognized. Professional veterinary help is needed in the case of any heat stress/stroke cases. Your pets don’t get any summertime blues.


Walking on sunshine.

One last summer-related tip, touch your hand to the pavement to determine if it is too hot for the feet of your dog. Pavement can be up to 60 degrees hotter than the air temperature. If it’s not fun for us, it’s not fun for them!

Enjoy the summer with your pets and let’s keep away those summertime blues!


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