Arthritis in Cats and Dogs in Franklin, TN


Studies have shown that 40% of all dogs and cats suffer from arthritis pain with 40% of dogs under 4 years old being affected. Treatment for arthritis is multimodal and there are several options available for both dogs and cats.

Weight management and diet are the best place to start when formulating a management plan for arthritis. Keeping your pet slim will help to keep any extra weight off of their joints. Choosing a joint friendly diet or adding in glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements (formulated for dogs or cats) to the diet are very helpful as well.

Exercise and environmental changes are another part of management owners can implement at home. Short, frequent, low impact exercise to keep the joints moving as well as exercises at home to help keep muscles strong and support the joints are essential. Environmental changes at home that may help are things such as lower edged litter boxes so your cat can get in and out comfortably or adding non-slip rugs to your house to support your dog who slips on hardwood floors, or even steps/ramps to permit your pet access to furniture.

Pain medication is an option we are able to discuss with you as well. NSAIDs have been the mainstay of therapy for a long time now but options such as Adequan and Solensia are available and well tolerated with good results. Schedule an appointment today to discuss options for your pet!

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