Veterinary Diagnostics in Franklin, TN

Cat And Dog Diagnostics In Franklin, TN

If you have questions about your pet’s condition, our veterinarians will do everything in our power to give you answers.

Animal Ark Animal Hospital uses a full range of veterinary diagnostics to gain an in-depth understanding of your pet’s health. The information our cat and dog X-ray, ultrasound, and in-house laboratory machines provide is invaluable to their ongoing care, both as tools for developing a comprehensive health profile and for detecting and diagnosing underlying conditions. Along with our own team’s expertise in providing various testing and imaging services, we also regularly partner with veterinary specialists for the best test results and better treatment options for your pet.

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Cat And Dog Diagnostics In Franklin, TN
In-House Blood Work And Testing

In-House and Specialized Diagnostics

We regularly work with specialists to review blood work and perform and interpret radiographs and ultrasounds. This allows for an additional layer of expertise and a more in-depth evaluation of our patients. Because your pet’s health and longevity are our highest priorities, we know that only the best care will do, and that means utilizing our connections to specialists to provide appropriate treatment.

We partner with Dr. Erica Baravik-Munsell, DVM, DACVR, a board certified radiologist and owner of Infinity Veterinary Imaging, to handle our Ultrasounds. For our X-rays, we partner with board certified radiologist Dr. Rachel S. Moon, DVM, DACVR.

In-House Laboratory Testing

Our animal hospital provides blood analysis testing in-clinic for urgent and/or critical medical cases because we can obtain timely results with our in-house equipment. For routine, comprehensive testing, we typically send testing to external laboratories, which is also more affordable.

X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging

To view the bones, joints, and major internal organ systems, we use digital radiography (X-ray) and ultrasound imaging. Our digital equipment provides clearer images and more accurate information about your pet’s condition. It can help us screen for masses/tumors, check for foreign bodies, diagnose arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other musculoskeletal problems, and much more.

Our imaging procedures are non-invasive, and we perform them with your pet’s comfort foremost in mind.