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Community Service

Animal Ark Animal Hospital

At Animal Ark Animal Hospital, we believe it is important to be of service beyond the confines of the hospital. Several of our employees participate in or engage in activities that benefit those in our community and around the world.

Animal Ark sponsors two scholarships for students in the Animal/Dairy Science Dept & College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University. The Linda “Big Lou” Schuerer Scholarships are in memory of Dr. Paula’s mother.


Dr. Paula Schuerer

2000 Casper, WY – World Changers Mission Trip

The purpose of the mission was to partner with local churches to renovate homes of low income families. Dr Paula was also able to treat a dog of one of the families whose home was renovated with new windows which she helped install.

2008 Malawi (Africa) Mission Trip

The purpose of the mission was to work with a local Malawi church to build homes and schools for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The provision of a home to a blood relative is aimed to keep the children within a true family setting.

Dr. Paula Schuerer – 2010 Alumna of the Year for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University

Franklin Citizen’s Fire Academy 2012

Franklin Citizen’s Police Academy 2011

Citizen’s FBI Academy 2019


We are now offering to accept empty Royal Canin pet food bags for recycling! Simply bring the empty bag to Animal Ark and we will send them to be shredded and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products.