Pet Spay and Neuter in Franklin, TN

As health and medical care providers for pets in our community, we consider it our responsibility to educate pet owners about the importance of spay and neuter surgeries. Here at Animal Ark Animal Hospital in Franklin, we know that unchecked stray animal overpopulation results in crowded shelters and far too many dogs and cats being euthanized. We care about the health of our individual patients, but we also want to make our community a better place for as many animals as possible. This is why we recommend spay and neuter procedures for virtually all pets when they reach the right age.

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How Spay and Neuter Surgeries Benefit Your Pet’s Health

Protecting your pet from disease is an ongoing process. With spay and neuter surgeries, your pet can experience greater protection from certain conditions, and they only need one procedure to achieve that.

Here are some of the most important ways spays and neuters benefit dogs and cats:

  • Spaying reduces the risk of ovarian, uterine, and mammary cancer in females.
  • Spaying prevents a condition known as pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus.
  • Certain unwanted behaviors, such as vocalizing, going into heat, and roaming, can be reduced or prevented with spaying.
  • Neutering removes the risk of testicular cancer in males.
  • Neutering can help to reduce aggression, roaming, mounting, and other disruptive behaviors in males.
Spay and neuter in Franklin, TN

When to Spay and Neuter Your Dog or Cat

Ideally, female dogs and cats should be spayed before they have their first heat cycle. Males can be neutered around 6 months.

However, large and giant dog breeds may need to wait until they are at least a year old to undergo spay or neuter surgery to permit more joint stability and structural integrity. Spaying or neutering a larger breed dog too soon may disrupt the growth rate and potentially lead to poor/weak joint development.

Your pet’s age, size, and overall health will help to determine when it is appropriate to have them spayed or neutered. Contact us at (615) 778-0880 to consult with us and discuss your pet’s options!