What Types of Chew Toys Are Safe for Dogs in Franklin, TN?

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chew toys safe for dogs in franklin, tn


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Welcome to Animal Ark Animal Hospital’s latest blog post! As a dedicated pet owner, you understand the joy and excitement that a simple chew toy can bring to your dog’s life. But not all toys are created equal. It’s vital to choose the right ones to ensure your dog’s safety and happiness. This guide will delve into the world of dog chew toys, helping you make informed decisions for your canine family member. 

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Identifying Safe Chew Toys for Your Dog

When selecting chew toys, several key factors play a role in ensuring your dog’s safety. Let’s explore these.

Materials Used

The safety of chew toys begins with their material composition. High-quality materials are essential for several reasons:

Non-Toxicity: Dogs often chew toys vigorously and may ingest small particles. Materials must be non-toxic to prevent poisoning or allergic reactions if this happens. For instance, natural rubber is much more preferable over plastics, and any materials that might contain harmful chemicals or dyes.

Resilience: The material should be resilient enough to withstand constant chewing without breaking apart. This prevents the risk of ingestion of small pieces, which can cause choking, intestinal blockage, or internal injury.

Gentleness on Teeth: Some materials are too hard and can damage a dog’s teeth. These include various plastics, bones, deer antlers, and hooves. Dog teeth will always be at risk of breakage if these materials are chewed. Materials should be firm yet yielding enough to provide a satisfying chew, without risking dental harm to your dog. You can check this by pressing your fingernail into the toy. If your nail leaves a slight dent, then the toy is safe for your dog to chew. Also, the toy should be flexible. If you aren’t able to leave a dent, then the toy could potentially damage your pet’s teeth. However, some hard toys, particularly the edible Milk Bone Toys, are often acceptable. Contact us if you aren’t sure!

Manufacturing Standards

The manufacturing process of chew toys also plays a pivotal role in their safety:

Quality Control: High manufacturing standards ensure each toy is made consistently, without defects that could pose risks, like sharp edges or loose parts.

Regulatory Compliance: Toys manufactured under strict regulatory environments adhere to safety norms, significantly reducing the risk of hazardous materials or unsafe designs.

Testing and Certification: Many safe toys undergo rigorous testing and certification, ensuring they meet specific safety criteria before reaching the market.


Durability is a key aspect of safe chew toys for the following reasons:

Preventing Ingestion of Pieces: Durable toys are less likely to break into small, ingestible pieces, reducing the risk of choking and gastrointestinal blockages.

Long-Term Safety: A durable toy maintains its safety features over time, such as not becoming too small through wear, which could turn the toy into a choking hazard.

Cost-Effectiveness: Durable toys are more economical in the long run, as they do not need to be replaced frequently, ensuring continuous safety for the dog.

Size of the Toy

The size of the chew toy is also important, for these reasons:

Choking Hazard Prevention: Toys that are too small can be easily swallowed or lodged in a dog’s throat, posing a significant choking hazard.

Suitability for Dog Size and Breed: Larger dogs require bigger toys, as small toys might be ingested, while smaller dogs need appropriately sized toys for comfortable and safe chewing.

Interactive Engagement: Properly sized toys encourage interactive play, which is not only safe but also beneficial for the dog’s physical and mental health.

Overall, when choosing a chew toy for your dog, considering these factors ensures not only a fun and engaging playtime but also a safe and healthy experience.

Safe, Popular Chew Toys for Dogs

There’s a wide variety of chew toys available, each with its unique benefits. Rubber toys, rope toys, and interactive toys are just a few examples. The key is to match the toy to your dog’s chewing habits and size. Several brands of dog toys stand out for their safety and quality, and these include Kong, Bully Max, Goughnuts sticks or rings, Tuffy toys, and West Paw Zogoflex. Each toy offers different textures and strengths, catering to various chewing styles.

Kong Toys

Kong has been a leading name in dog toys since the 1970s, renowned for its durability and versatility. Made from strong, high-quality rubber, Kong toys are designed to withstand vigorous chewing. They come in various sizes and shapes to cater to different dog breeds and sizes. These toys are often recommended by veterinarians due to their safety and ability to provide mental stimulation for dogs. Beyond just chewing, many Kong toys can be filled with treats or peanut butter, offering an additional challenge and entertainment for dogs.

Bully Max Indestructible Ball

The Bully Max Indestructible ball is a safe alternative to tennis balls, as it is much more durable and made from non-toxic, industrial-strength, eco-friendly natural rubber that is safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. The strength of this toy helps it stay intact longer. Like the Zogoflex toys, the Bully Max ball is dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning. 

West Paw Zogoflex® Toys

Zogoflex is a proprietary material created by West Paw. This material is 100% recyclable and completely free of any harmful substances such as BPA, latex, and phthalates. The toys are not only highly durable, but they also pose no risk of toxicity. Additionally, these toys are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, ensuring both hygiene and longevity.


These toys are made from 100% natural rubber, offering a safe and durable chewing experience. They come with a “Chew Toy Safety Indicator” – a colored layer inside the toy that reveals when the toy has been chewed to a point where it might become unsafe, indicating it’s time for a replacement. Their robust design makes them ideal for dogs that are heavy chewers, providing a safe outlet for their chewing instincts.

Tuffy Toys

These are perfect for dogs who prefer softer toys, whether for gentler play or a cuddly companion. Made from multiple bonded layers of non-toxic, food-grade materials, Tuffy Toys are more durable and safer than standard plush toys, which fall apart easily. They offer a range of designs and sizes, catering to different play styles and preferences. 

Have Other Questions About Dog Chew Toys and Safety? 

Each of the toys listed above brings its unique benefits and safety features, catering to a variety of play styles and chewing habits. When choosing a toy, consider your dog’s size, chewing behavior, and preferences. And, if you need further guidance or have any concerns about your dog’s play habits, feel free to reach out to us at Animal Ark Animal Hospital in Franklin, TN, at (615) 778-0880. We’re here to help ensure your dog’s playtime is both enjoyable and safe!

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