Help your pet whittle away his waist

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Make sure your pet stays fit and healthy with a diet that suits his breed.

Did you know that 30 to 40% of dogs and cats in the United States suffer from obesity? This excess of body fat has negative effects on health and is caused by providing more calories than the pet needs.

It can lead to numerous health conditions including: diabetes, joint and spine issues, “fatty liver”, breathing problems, heart problems and decreased lifespan. Orthopedic problems are associated with pain and difficulty walking and in some cases lead to euthanasia because of inability to rise/walk.

The most common reasons for pet obesity are

  • over feeding the pet
  • inappropriate diet choices for the breed
  • little activity
  • use of calorie dense treats and table food

Weight loss can help improve the quality of your pet’s life in a number of ways. It can decrease the stress on joints (especially important for pets with arthritis), help facilitate examination and surgical procedures, improve cardiovascular function, enhance athleticism and reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications required to manage medical disorder.

Do you know how to recognize if your pet is overweight?

Body condition scores are developed for animals similar to people having a BMI score. The system evaluates your pet based on visual and tactile clues.

GO HERE to see a chart for pet Body Condition Scores (BCS).

Animal Ark can help guide you in the weight loss journey of your pet. Once we confirm that your pet is overweight or obese we will choose the appropriate weight loss plan with clear guidelines on how much to feed, what to feed and how to feed. We will also follow up on the progress to ensure the success of the program.

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“Our 8 year old Chocolate Lab was so overweight that he could no longer jump up on the bed where he slept with us at night. He was also limping in a back leg, which we already knew had a strained ACL. We had been told by a previous vet that additional weight would only make the situation worse, and likely cause further damage. We were supposed to limit his use of stairs, as well as jumping up and down on objects. It had gotten so bad that someone had to lift him into bed at night; he would go to one side and stretch his chin to barely reach the mattress until someone came to help him up. We decided to visit Animal Ark, and Dr. Paula, to see what remedy might exist.

Dr. Paula said she had a special diet that would do the trick. We committed to a very strict, portion and calorie controlled diet using Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Satiety. We finally reached our goal weight through continued diligence and gradually increased exercise. His transformation was remarkable. He was noticeably thinner. He was like a new dog.”

~ Rick B

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