Helpful Cat Care Tips and Resources

Cats are unique and wonderful companions to share our lives with, but there is always much to learn when it comes to understanding their health, the care they require, and their behaviors. We’ve collected a handful of trusted resources to help educate you on all things related to cats and taking care of them. You may also find some useful cat tips to improve their quality of life and the bond they share with you and your family.

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Cat Friendly Homes

Cat Friendly Homes is all about creating an enriching, cat-friendly environment at home for your feline family member.

Feline Osteoarthritis

Many cats develop osteoarthritis as they age. Learn more about feline osteoarthritis and the first, FDA-approved treatment designed to relieve the pain from osteoarthritis.

Cornell Feline Health Center

The Cornell Feline Health Center offers a wealth of information about different feline health topics, ranging from diabetes and heartworm disease to hairballs.

Indoor Pet

The Ohio State University offers an excellent resource for cat owners, covering virtually everything you need to know or would ever want to know about cats, and caring for one. Learn about the reasons behind some of the most intriguing cat habits and behaviors, or find out how to reduce stressors in your cat’s environment so they can enjoy greater confidence and calm in your household.