Get to Know Rae Hartsock

Rae Hartsock

Rae Hartsock Inventory/Social Media Manager

Rae is a Franklin, TN native who graduated from MTSU in 2008 with a degree she doesn’t use. She has had many different jobs, but was thrilled when Dr. Paula asked if she would like to work at Animal Ark in 2019 after being a client for 9 years. She started in reception and now does a lot of the behind the scenes work with inventory management, social media and petting as many animals as she can. Her passion is senior pugs, and she has adopted 5 over the years. When not at work she likes to spend time with her husband Travis and daughter Ramona. They currently have Wilma the pug and Murray the tuxedo cat, and are in talks about a pair of Guinea Pigs.