Our Team

Dr. Paula Schuerer

Dr. Paula Schuerer received her BS in agriculture, DVM and MBA from Mississippi State University and since graduation in 1995 has practiced in the Franklin/Nashville area. Her primary interests are surgery, dentistry, dermatology and small exotic mammal medicine. In 2009, Dr. Schuerer became a board certified specialist, per the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, in Canine and Feline practice. She joins approximately a dozen others within the state of Tennessee that hold this advanced degree. In 2017, Dr. Paula received her MS in biomedical science from the University of Missouri.

Dr. Paula enjoys working with clients to best promote the health and well being of the furry family members. In her spare time, she enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities including sports, bicycling, and gardening. Dr. Paula also enjoys “nerdy” activities like veterinary continuing education classes as well as she enjoys studying other subjects such as engineering. Dr. Paula is also an active member in the community in both social and faith based events.

“After all these years in practice, I still absolutely love what I do and look forward to what the next challenge is going to be.”

Dr. Simeona Jartova

Dr. Jartova is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria where she studied veterinary medicine at the University of Forestry after receiving a full scholarship for having one of the highest entry scores. She graduated in the top 10% of her class in 2002. Dr. Jartova practiced shortly in Sofia, Bulgaria before moving to Knoxville, TN where she worked in a variety of small animal veterinary clinics while preparing to take her test to obtain licensure in the United States. In 2010, she successfully passed all testing requirements to practice as a veterinarian in the United States and was issued her license in Tennessee that same year. She holds dual citizenship with the US and Bulgaria. Dr. Jartova is an active member within the American Veterinary Medical Association. She has been in the Franklin area since 2011 and was previously associated with a small animal practice in Brentwood. Her areas of special interest include dermatology, soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry.

Dr. Jartova enjoys spending time with her husband Bo and their two young children. She is the proud owner of Jojo, a Boston Terrier. She has previously owned a variety of dogs including 2 Rottweilers, a Chow Chow and a Maltese. When not working, Dr. Jartova enjoys outdoor activities, especially tennis and hiking, and traveling to explore new cultures.

Being able to advocate for the health and well being of pets, by helping their owners make the best decisions regarding their care, is the primary goal for Dr. Jartova.